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Federica Molly

April 24, 2024

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The best fabrics if you suffer from seasonal allergies

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If you too are struggling with seasonal allergies, you know how important it can be to find solutions to protect our health and quality of sleep. One of these solutions is to choose the best fabrics to cover one’s mattress and pillows, both in the bedroom and in the rest of the house. Let’s find out together which fabrics can help keep those annoying allergy symptoms at bay!

Health Protection treatment: total protection for safe sleep

Imagine wrapping yourself in a protective hug every night while you sleep. This is exactly what fabrics treated with Health Protection antibacterial technology offer! This special treatment makes tissues immune to attacks from bacteria, microorganisms and moulds, creating a safe and sanitized environment for our rest. And the beauty of it is that it maintains its effectiveness even after several washes, so you can sleep peacefully for a long time!

Soya fibre: “vegetable cashmere” for luxurious sleep 

Do you like the enveloping feel of soft, fluffy fabrics such as cashmere or silk? Then soya fibre is the fabric for you! Also known as “vegetable cashmere”, this fibre is not only soft and pleasant to the touch, but also antibacterial and breathable. And you know what’s even better? It can be combined with other natural fibres for unrivalled sustainable comfort. 

Natur Comfort

Keep cool and protect against bacteria with X-static fabric 

The silver fibre X-static fabric is the ideal choice for those who like to sleep in a cool and protected environment. Thanks to its long-lasting antibacterial properties, this fabric helps you sleep better, repelling bacteria and mites. Plus, it’s breathable and cool on your skin – an added bonus in summer when the heat can disturb the quality of your night’s sleep. 

Medical X-static 

The right mattress for a Peaceful Sleep

To complete your sanctuary of well-being, don’t forget to choose the right mattress! If you suffer from allergies, opt for memory foam mattresses with non-allergenic fillings and mite covers. And make sure the cover is washable at high temperatures to keep everything fresh and clean. 

Choosing non-allergenic fabrics is a small, but important step to tackle seasonal allergies and improve sleep quality. Not only do they help us to reduce symptoms and sleep better, they also allow us to create a safe and welcoming environment in which to sleep peacefully. 

Do you need personalized advice to choose your new non-allergenic mattress? Contact us, we’ll be happy to help!