Federica Molly
Federica Molly

December 16, 2013

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Treat yourself to a soft, warm Christmas with Mollyflex mattress covers.

Both feathers and down have a high insulation power. They protect us against the cold – and also the heat. They also absorb moisture, creating the ideal microclimate for the body. Mattress covers by Mollyflex provide the best possible insulation and the ideal combination of utility and softness, giving you a perfect night’s rest.

The goose down used by Mollyflex has numerous properties guaranteeing comfort and relaxation:

  • non-toxic
  • environmentally friendly
  • natural
  • breathable
  • insulating

Mollyflex offers four different types of mattress covers:

  • Alba goose down
  • Excel goose down
  • Montecatini goose down
  • Perla 4-seasons goose down