CATAS operates as a certification body for components and products used in the wood, furniture and construction sectors.
Product certification extends its value to an entire production and, consequently, to the production process from which it derives. The certification schemes that are proposed to companies are developed on the basis of many years of experience in the sector and are constantly updated following changes introduced by the technical standards.

For each company interested in product certification, we define an annual program of continuous and systematic controls that allow you to monitor the performance of the product, through:

  • CATAS checks: during the year, the technicians take random samples at the farm and carry out the planned tests on them;
  • internal monitoring by the company: the company itself undertakes to carry out periodic internal product tests by sending the results to Catas.

The release of our CATAS brand gives an important added value to the certified product as it attests its compliance over time to specific technical requirements subject to constant verification.