It hurts to sleep with their four-legged friends?

Sleeping with the dog or the cat in the same bed is a habit increasingly widespread, it was found that about half of pet owners consider it as a family member for all purposes but it is good or bad to share a bed with our trusty friend? Conflicting opinions on the matter, according to some, in fact, there would be no contraindications, while according to others, the 4-legged friends are real vehicles of diseases and infezioni.Esistono but the pros and cons of sleeping with an animal domestico.Ovviamente of potentially hazardous to our health, there are, as quoted by a team of researchers from the University of Davis, California, who has published research on the dangers of sharing his bed with fido or kitty. The best advice I can give is to make sure that your pet will enjoy good health and that it is checked regularly by an veterinario.Se instead look at the positive side, there are so many! For years now we study the extraordinary effects that the companionship of a pet can have on people and then on our mental health and fisica.Se share a bed with your “pet” and better to take small accorgiment.Per avoid that bacteria or allergens present on the surface of your pet come into close contact with you is preferable to just let him sleep on the blankets, even better on a blanket specially for resting lui.Importante is also to ensure that the animal can leave the room in case of necessity to eat, drink.La morning is a good habit to let air out the room and the mattress, removing the covers, or replacing them, after washing in the washing machine, which will be carried out more often than normal. For this will be of great help mattresses and pillows fully removable outer covers are machine washable at high temperatures, this will ensure that will be eliminated every possible minaccia.Se want to sleep with your pets in bed, there is no problem . Mollyflex special offers antibacterial and hypoallergenic mattresses that will help you and your pets to sleep well in a healthy environment and healthy.