What are the benefits of cool Cooler fabric for pillowcases and mattresses?

The pillowcases and covers for pillows and mattresses of the Cooler line ensure cool and peaceful nights. This technology, developed by Mollyflex engineers, does in fact have a number of benefits:

  • High heat absorption, thus ensuring a perfect temperature for sleeping.
  • A comfortable thermal environment during sleep, due to water vapour permeability, to prevent excessive sweating.

Thanks to the special Cooler fabric for pillowcases and mattresses, you can combat extreme heat during summer nights and enjoy a good sleep, waking up well rested the next day. As various studies conducted by university labs have shown, the Cooler fabric lowers body temperature by 1.3°C. For this reason, the Cooler cool fabric for mattresses and pillowcases is a more appropriate solution than traditional polyester fabrics.