What is the treatment Aloe for mattresses?

The treatment developed by Mollyflex consists in applying on the fabric used for the construction of mattresses millions of microcapsules, infinitely small, containing the essence of aloe vera, transforming the fabric into a vehicle of well-being. The microcapsules in contact with the skin or with a simple movement, release the beneficial substances contained therein that are absorbed by the human body beneficamene going to affect some important functions such as sleep, waking, attention, memory skills, etc..

The main properties of aloe are:

– Is an anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and regenerator.

– Reduces the side effects of medicines and boosts the immune system, helping the monster system to eliminate toxins.

– Regenerates tissues respecting the natural rhythm of cell development.

– Is a natural means of purification.

– Reduces fever.

– Accelerates the healing phase.
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