Air Crystal Relax

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Warranty: 2 years

Pillowcase washable at 60°

cm 42 x 72 x 14
74% polyester + 13% tencel + 13% cotton
Crystal foam
Memory foam

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The regenerating Crystal Foam pillow which helps recover energy during sleep

To sleep well a good pillow is essential.

For this purpose, Mollyflex presents the Moonpur Air Crystal Relax pillow, a special pillow made from revolutionary Crystal Foam polyurethane foam which, thanks to the action of the crystals, ensures rapid energy recovery during sleep and best prepares to face the day.

The Crystal Foam pillow adapts perfectly to different body weights, in particular to medium-lightweight builds, and to all positions; what is more, thanks to its precise anatomic shape, it favours muscle decontraction and cervical relaxation.

Finally, the precious Tencel fibre pillowcase provides excellent breathability