Air relax

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Warranty: 2 years

Washable a 60°

cm 42 x 72 x 11/14
90% polyester + 10% elastan
High-tech perforated memory/viscoelastic

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The perfectly adaptable and extraordinarily long-lasting viscoelastic memory foam pillow

The Air Relax pillow is made of MOONTEX®, the high-tech viscoelastic memory foam material: this pillow has a number of extraordinary characteristics and a formidable capacity to accommodate different body positions for a perfect rest.

Thanks to the special viscoelastic memory foam, this pillow maximizes comfort and adaptability, ensuring an excellent and durable product, particularly suitable for medium-lightweight builds. Why buy Moontex pillows?

Moontex pillows satisfy the most varied postural needs. You can choose between:

– the classic “soap bar” pillow available in two different consistencies

– the shaped cushions that straighten the cervical tract and adapt perfectly to those who sleep on their side.