Air Yellow Relax

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Warranty: 2 years

Pillowcase washable at 60°

cm 42 x 72 x 14
74% polyester + 13% tencel + 13% cotton
perforated viscoelastic + insert in Health Protection and anti-mosquito substances

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The anti-mosquito memory foam pillow, for a cool and dry rest

The new Moonpur Air Yellow Relax pillow, in addition to the properties of visco-elastic foam, has a special inside insert able to keep away mosquitoes and all those annoying insects that disturb a night’s rest.

The exclusive insert is contained in the upper part of the memory foam and is fitted to the structure of the pillow directly during the foaming phase.

The essence contained in the pillow is able to prevent and eliminate mites, mould and bacteria. In addition, the through holes ensure good air circulation, keeping the pillow constantly dry.

The Air Yellow Relax anti-mosquito pillow is particularly suitable for medium-lightweight builds and all sleeping positions.