Materasso Comfort Memory

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Warranty: 7 years



Washable at 30°

23 cm
Stretch viscose fabric (68% poliestere + 32% viscosa) +hypoallergenic polyester + jersey fabric
Rigidity class
Memory foam
Polyurethane foam

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The mattress for all occasions made with rigid polyurethane and memory.

The Moonlight Comfort Memory mattress combines a thick layer of rigid polyurethane with a memory mattress that eliminates uncomfortable pressure points on the spine and muscles and promotes blood circulation. The result is a mattress for all occasions, pleasant in terms of comfort and balanced in texture. The viscose cover is removable.

Ensuring an always fresh and dry sleep, this mattress is particularly suitable for those who feel the heat. Thanks to the softness of the memory, it adapts perfectly to the shape of the body and promotes a correct alignment of the spine: it is therefore ideal for those who suffer from back pain or low back pain.