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Washable a 60°

100% polyester

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The Lunotto cushion to relieve the neck and back in every situation.

The Mollyflex Lunotto cushion is a comfortable and practical accessory to carry with you at all times to relieve the neck and back in many situations.

The Lunotto cushion, in fact, is particularly efficient when used as a support for the lumbar region and as a cervical support, two areas of the body that very often, due to incorrect postures, cause a lot of discomfort.

Perfectly adapted to the curves of the back and neck, this cushion is excellent for use at home, in the office or during a particularly long journey.

The Lunotto cushion is the travel accessory you have always wanted!

The Lunotto cushion, measuring 50 x 20 x 15 cm, has quality and safety certification.