Magnetic mat

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Silver Safe fabric 99% poliestere + 1% silver

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Mollyflex has launched a new therapeutic device to be integrated into the bed system, designed together with components of high technological content for the medical field: we are talking about a mattress which exploits the principles of magnetotherapy so the body is polarized according to the earth’s natural magnetic field.


Protecting the biological magnetic field has immediate positive effects related to the cellular metabolism.

In particular, the magnetic mat is used in osteopathic treatment, in cases of osteoporosis, in joint diseases such as arthritis, arthrosis and in many other situations.

Among the main benefits of using this article are also:

– optimisation of venous microcirculation Improvement of immune defences;

– countering the degenerative action of cellular ageing;

– the product, therefore, can significantly improve the quality of life, which should not be a privilege for a few, but a right for everyone.

Precisely for this reason, we should defend it by making an intelligent choice.