Memo Artic temperature regulating mattress

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Warranty: 7 years



Washable at 40°

24 cm
Tencel fabric (25% tencel + 3% elast + 57% polyester + 15% viscose) + 3d fabric 100% polyester + hypoallergenic polyester + white fabric 100% polyester
Rigidity class
Memory foam
Polyurethane foam

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The Memo Artic temperature regulating mattress is a high-tech model designed for a balanced and thermoregulated rest. This mattress of the Moontex line comes from the combination of materials of accurate technology:

  • the double shoulder support plate allows a balanced position of the spine;
  • the viscoelastic memory reduces the friction points of the body on the mattress and corrects the weight distribution, whatever position you adopt;
  • the thermoregulating surface polygel helps heat dispersion since it guarantees the free passage of air and the fast dispersion of moisture.

The result is a thermoregulatory mattress of excellent elasticity and performance, made even more effective thanks to the lining in Tencel, a natural fabric derived from wood cellulose, which offers a continuous exchange of air with the outside ensuring a feeling of excellent freshness.