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Warranty: 7 years



Washable at 30°

26 cm
Stretch soya fabric (28% cotton + 69% + polyester + 3% soya) + graphene polyester + silk + jersey fabric
Rigidity class
Polyurethane foam

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The three-layer mattress for perfect weight distribution, made from ecosustainable materials

The Moontex Polionda mattress is a proportionate product, perfectly balanced in terms of support, the result of the sum of the compact base, made with two types of polyurethane with different load-bearing capacity, i.e. of different load resistance, and the waterlily memory foam of the surface which, moulded according to weight and temperature, relieves the pressure of body weight on the mattress.

This mattress ensures comfort and relaxation, as well as attention to the environment: in fact, the substantial padding of the mattress lining is made from GRS certified polyester, i.e. recycled fibres from the textile sector and pre-sorted collection of clothing in accordance with the concept of sustainable fashion.

The padding is made even more functional by graphene, which increases thermal comfort, and by silk, which conveys natural freshness. The shiny and caressing soy fibre lining ensures resistance, breathability and protection against bacteria.