Sanremo pillow top memory mattress

Price starting from:


Warranty: 7 years

1600 springs

Sewn and not removable

Washable with stain remover

32 cm
Strectch natural cotton fabric 400 gr/mq + hypoallergenic polyester + polisoff 25mm + white fabric 100% polyester + 3d fabric 100% polyester + hypoallergenic polyester + white fabric 100% polyester
Rigidity class
Polyurethane foam and polygel
Springs tablet

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The Moonpur Sanremo Pillow Top memory mattress is inspired by the look and size of American mattresses; it is a Made in Italy mattress that combines the technology of pocket springs with polyurethane foam and polygel to ensure an excellent combination of support, breathability and hospitality, able to give the body a healthy and long-lasting rest.

The excellent quality of the night rest is mainly given by the benefits of memory foam, which welcomes the body by relieving pressure and distributing the weight evenly, and by the thermo-regulating Polisoff in the topper that increases both height and comfort.

This memory mattress will give you a pleasant rest.