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Warranty: 7 years



Washable at 40°

24 cm
Square stretch fabric 15% viscose + 85% polyester + furnishing fabric 100% polyester + 3d fabric 100% polyester + hypoallergenic polyester + white fabric 100% polyester
Rigidity class
Memory Biocristal
Polyurethane foam

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The Crystal memory Square mattress is designed to ensure a regenerating rest . The Moonpur Square mattress is the upshot of Mollyflex’s ongoing quest for healthy rest and the careful selection of materials.

This product boasts Crystal memory technology for a truly regenerating rest. The crystals that enrich the memory foam, in fact, once in contact with the body, release their beneficial healing effect, invigorate, strengthen natural defenses and improve our state of health.

Thanks to the softness of the highly resilient polyurethane base, i.e. a soft and elastic material which does not lose its load-bearing capacity, this mattress offers delicate and restful support for bones and muscles even in a prolonged lateral position.

The lining that completes the Square mattress is made from natural breathable viscose fibers able to create an ideal microclimate.