Standard bed bases

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Warranty: 7 years

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The Standard base is a wooden stand designed for utmost performance of your mattress, thus ensuring a regenerating sleep.

The base proposed, which is made of precious beech wood treated with natural non-toxic resins, provides unrivalled comfort.

The base is composed of 13 slats in beech plywood with a 68×8 mm section, and 4 additional boards, designed to adjust the stiffness in the lumbar area.

The curvature is ensured by the steam. All the bases proposed by Mollyflex, including the Standard base, are produced in Italy, combining technological innovation and the great craftsmanship’s expertise.

This makes your rest more regenerating

Technical data

  • structure of lamellar beech section 70 x 25 mm for the outer
      case 50 x 90 mm for the inner frame;
  • transverse section 90 mm x 20 mm for the insertion of the feet;
  • n 13 beechwood slats section 68 x 8 mm;
  • 4 double strips and relevant sliders for adjusting the weight in the lumbar region;