Top Spring

Price starting from:


Warranty: 7 years


Washable at 30°

26 cm
Stretch cotton fabric (75% organic cotton + 25% polyester) + Graphene polyester + silk + polisoff + white fabric 100% polyester + 3d fabric 100% polyester + hypoallergenic polyester + white fabric 100% polyester
Rigidity class
Springs poket

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The spring mattress that provides excellent support, is cool and ecosustainable

The Moontex Top Spring mattress is a technological and innovative proposal: inside, a sturdy but elastic box of 800 independent, pocket springs gives excellent support to the various parts of the body.

The outer covering in stretch fabric is enhanced by the effect of the quilted polisoff, an open-cell foam that dissipates body heat. Moreover, Top Spring has a low environmental impact because sustainable and certified materials and products have been selected for the filling: –

GRS-certified recycled polyester, a mark that certifies the content and origin of recycled materials, as well as respect for the environment throughout the production cycle;

– innovative graphene, a high-tech yarn capable of dissipating body heat. Finally, the silk fibres provide additional freshness and a feeling of natural well-being.