Venezia Coral Firm polyurethane foam mattress

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Warranty: 7 years



Washable at 40°

28 cm
Stretch Luxury brown fabric 1000 gr/mq + 10% viscose + 88% polyester + 2% elastane + meditex non-slip fabric
Rigidity class
Memory foam
Polyurethane foam

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The Venezia Coral Firm mattress stands out for its 5-layer polyurethane foam structure.

A combination of the top quality of raw materials and the commitment and skill of Mollyflex’s craftsmen, have produced this Moonpur line mattress, a product with an important structure consisting of 5 layers of polyurethane foam with high resilience and memory, combined with the pleasantness of the innovative Polisoff material.

Polisoff is a special open-cell gel which absorbs and releases body heat and moisture while maintaining a high and healthy level of freshness, as well as having excellent elasticity and low deformability. Thanks to the two available versions, Venezia Coral is able to respond to a variety of orthopedic needs and different personal tastes: the Firm sheet, more compact, accompanies those who do not appreciate excessive softness and prefer a prone position.

Refined in technique, as well as in Luxury Brown upholstery fabric, Venezia Coral brings Italian manufacturing art to your homes.