The testimony of Mollyflex in Sulmona

The ambition and the desire to reach the largest possible number of customers, even those who live many kilometers away from the main headquarters of the company, led the owners to open many stores along the Italian peninsula. Among these we find the point of sale Mollyflex in Sulmona, a town in the province particularly known at national and international level thanks to the centuries-old production of confetti. Thanks to the opening of the store in Sulmona, now even the people of Abruzzo can easily enjoy the quality that only products such as mattresses, pillows and bed nets, to Mollyflex brand can offer.

La testimonianza di Mollyflex a Sulmona
La testimonianza di Mollyflex a Sulmona

More information about the store Mollyflex Sulmona?

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What advantages has led the opening of the store in Sulmona, L’Aquila?

Offering a wide range of products Mollyflex mark before hardly available and reachable
Assistance and advice on the products for the ideal rest for various diseases and the many needs of customers
Possibility of shopping in the store Also, the help and support from Mollyflex experts, instead of exclusively online

La testimonianza di Mollyflex a Sulmona