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February 20, 2023

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Best cervical pillow: how to choose it?

cuscini cervicale

Cervical pain causes widespread and persistent pain, usually located at the first seven vertebrae of the spine, and can also have repercussions on the muscles and tissues. It can last for days or weeks and therefore be particularly annoying, affecting the quality of life and the performance of normal daily activities. The first step to counteract cervical pain is to maintain a correct posture during the day, especially if you are used to spending a lot of time sitting in the office or in front of the pc. 

The position you take while resting can also play a fundamental role in counteracting the cervical. To prevent or relieve pain you will therefore need to pay special attention to the choice of the mattress and, most importantly, the cervical pillow, which should help you keep the spine in a correct position at night. If you are looking for an effective way to relieve this ailment, here are some helpful tips and a short guide to choosing the best cervical pillows

How to prevent cervical pain?

To prevent cervical pain caused by muscle problems, it is essential to maintain a correct posture daily, keeping the neck straight and in line with the body, and avoiding unnatural bending. This is especially important if you lead a particularly sedentary life or if your work requires you to spend a lot of time at the desk: even at work, as at any other time of the day, you will need to constantly check your posture and avoid taking incorrect positions. 

The use of a pillow that helps you keep your head and neck in line with the body during the night rest can be a valuable help to relieve tension in the cervical vertebrae and thus prevent cervical pain. As far as possible, also avoid sleeping on your stomach with your head turned sideways or taking other unnatural positions while resting.

How to choose the best cervical pillows

As we have seen, the cervical pillow can be crucial to maintain a correct posture and prevent, or counteract, pain. To ensure a healthy and quality rest, however, you must choose the pillow that best suits your needs and take into account some important aspects, such as: 

  • height and shape, which you will need to evaluate according to your preferences and specific needs. In general, the cervical pillows differ from the traditional ones for the characteristic wavy shape and ortho cervical support, designed to support the body shapes and give an immediate feeling of comfort and relaxation. Depending on your needs and the intensity of the disorder you can choose the classic “soap” pillows, or special shaped cushions, designed to straighten the cervical tract and optimally accompany the lateral position. To ensure optimal support the height of a good cervical pillow should be between 10 and 20 cm; 
  • the material: generally the most widespread and used to make the cervical cushions is memory foam, which is particularly effective to guarantee optimal support, is able to adapt perfectly to body shapes and ensures a high durability; 
  • the cover, which should be removable and washable (by hand or in the washing machine) to ensure perfect hygiene and easy maintenance. You can also find cervical cushions with a lining made of materials completely hypoallergenic and antibacterial, great for those suffering from seasonal allergies or respiratory problems; 
  • perspiration, another key aspect to consider when choosing. The best cervical cushions are those made with a structure that helps the passage of air and avoids the accumulation of sweat and moisture, even in the hottest seasons. If you suffer from the heat you can choose an anti sweat model – such as the Air Fresh Cervical pillow by Mollyflex – specifically designed to reduce night sweats and ensure a fresh and dry rest. 

Memory foam cervical pillows for: the best Mollyflex models

Pillows designed and manufactured by Mollyflex ensure an immediate feeling of well-being and relieve of cervical pain. Thanks to their particular structure and the use of innovative materials and technologies,  they can help prevent problems at the joint or muscle level, offering the right support and keeping the spine perfectly aligned at night.

cuscini per la cervicale

Among the cervical memory cushions proposed by Mollyflex you can find models made with different types of shapes, materials and textures, such as: 

  • memory foam Air Grey Cervical pillow with ortho cervical support and Health Protection insert to ensure an optimal microclimate at night. The pillow adapts perfectly to the shapes it must support by combining the properties of viscoelastic foam with an ecological insert with PCM microspheres, which are able to absorb and give a feeling of freshness to the neck and head area; 
  • Air Green Cervical pillow made with viscoelastic memory based on natural ingredients of plant origin, sustainable and low environmental impact. This pillow supports and supports the body shapes ensuring maximum comfort and relaxation during rest. Breathable, durable and flexible, it is equipped with ortho cervical support and is particularly suitable for those who sleep in the supine or lateral position; 
  • Air Cervical pillow with ortho cervical support in high-tech viscoelastic memory, designed to ensure a perfect welcome and adaptability to all body positions. It is the ideal choice for those who sleep in a supine or lateral position and is available both in the “soap” version, both shaped, to optimally accompany the side position.