Federica Molly
Federica Molly

June 23, 2014

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Cool summers with the grey thermo-regulating Moontex My Pillow by Mollyflex

Fed up with waking up during the night with a hot head, trying to find a cool corner of the pillow?

Then Mollyflex has just what you need – the grey thermo-regulating Moontex My Pillow.

The grey thermo-regulating insert helps make your nights cooler and more relaxing. The visco-elastic foam, to which Health Protection has been added, contains microspheres that absorb the heat, creating a constant micro-climate and making the part of the body in contact with the pillow feel pleasantly cool.

In designing this pillow, the Mollyflex team concentrated on achieving correct support for the head, neck and top of the spine. The neck consists of seven vertebrae forming part of the backbone, while muscles and tendons provide the support and allow movement. This is why it is so important to ensure a comfortable position and correct support for the head and neck. This new memory foam pillow distributes pressure ideally thanks to the body’s heat. The pillow adapts to the shape of the head and cervical vertebrae, giving the correct position and reducing pressure points to a minimum.

The grey thermo-regulating Moontex My Pillow by Mollyflex is useful not only in summer, in the hot humid months, but also in winter, as it prevents unpleasant night-time sweats and keeps your neck nice and dry.

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