Federica Molly
Federica Molly

June 18, 2014

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No more mosquitoes with the bright yellow Moontex My Pillow by Mollyflex

In summer many people frequently get a bad night’s sleep, for various reasons, and fail to recharge their batteries as they should. In the morning they feel irritable and unrested and are impossible to get on with. One of the most irritating sleep disturbances is undoubtedly caused by mosquitoes, which buzz around and bite you, so you wake up in the morning covered in itchy red spots.

This is the start of the battle against mosquitoes  and some people become obsessed in their search for a way to improve their sleep.

Mollyflex has just what is needed for those who wish to get rid of that annoying buzzing sound and wake up in the morning with no bites.

The bright-yellow mosquito-repelling Moontex My Pillow  is a self-modelling memory pillow containing a special odourless non-toxic substance that creates an invisible barrier against mosquitoes and other small insects and helps reduce their presence around the face.  It contains Health Protection, an exclusive essence that combats and eliminates the mites, moulds and bacteria that are responsible for allergies, unpleasant smells and deterioration of the pillow. The coloured surface layer (also the memory type), which contains the active ingredient, is attached to the pillow during the foaming process, without the use of glue.

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