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February 9, 2024

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Guide to double mattresses: sizes and features

double mattresses sizes

If you toss and turn in bed at night looking for extra space, you might want to consider whether your double mattress is large enough. Sleep comfort depends largely on choosing the right mattress in terms of size and specific features: memory foam, pocket springs, polyurethane foam or hybrid models. Take a tape and measure the mattress: if the length and width are under 160×190 cmstandard size of a double mattress – the quality of your sleep is seriously compromised. Let’s see together how to choose the best mattress for you, also based on size. 

Plenty of space with the King Size Mattress 

Particularly tall people or those who want plenty of space to sleep require larger sizes than standard double mattresses. The 193×203 cm king-size mattresses are ideal, especially for those who accommodate children in their bed for those precious moments of co-sleeping that are good for the soul. 

Have you decided to take the big step and buy an American mattress? First check the size of the bed base. Measure the outer frame from one end of the tube to the other to ensure that the mattress rests completely on the base and covers it properly.

king size mattresses - Mollyflex

Double mattress sizes: height is also important

The choice of size does not only concern the practical aspect but is also essential for optimal comfort. A double mattress intended for adults should have a sufficiently high degree of comfort, considering the daily fatigue load and the presence of any pains or illnesses that affect the quality of sleep. The height of the mattress, which should not be less than 20 cm to distribute the weight evenly and relieve the spine, plays a crucial role in this regard.

Regardless of the construction material, which may be memory foam, polyurethane, latex, or independent springs, it is important to opt for a model with an adequate height to ensure optimum performance and appreciable cosiness. 

Not only does the height of the mattress contribute to comfort, but it also has an aesthetic impact, especially in combination with the headboard. A high headboard can accommodate a thicker double mattress or an additional topper comfortably, while a lower headboard calls for a low height model to avoid visual imbalances.

How to choose the best double mattress 

In terms of features, a full-size double mattress offers a single surface without annoying seams and is more stable on the bed base. The latest mattress models no longer require tipping like those of the past, besides they are light and easy to move and maintain. 

However, if your sleep needs are very different from those of your partner, you can consider the option of two single mattresses side by side. In this case, the use of a mattress topper becomes a fantastic solution. This special mattress, in fact, adds extra thickness and makes it possible to create a single support surface, while maintaining the specific characteristics of each of the two individual mattresses. A mattress topper is especially useful when you want to combine two inner slabs of different compositions, thus ensuring a comfortable and personalized sleep for both partners.

For more information and personalized advice on choosing your double mattress, contact us or visit Mollyflex stores directly. Our sleep experts are on hand to assist you in this important choice!