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February 23, 2024

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Which mattress to choose for the elderly?

best mattresses for the elderly

In the search for the best mattress for elderly people, we often make the mistake of associating quality with an excessively rigid texture. People still talk about “orthopaedic mattresses” with the belief that they are hard mattresses and that they are the best choice for the well-being of the joints. Nothing could be more wrong! 

The term “orthopaedic” refers to a mattress that offers the best support to the various parts of the body, adapting to the different pressure points and shapes of each body. In the case of the elderly, it is essential to choose an anti-decubitus mattress that is both cosy and supportive. In addition to these, there are other important features to consider. Let’s see which ones! 

The best anti-decubitus mattresses: how to choose them

There are two important factors to bear in mind when choosing a mattress for the elderly, especially considering the pains and illnesses they may suffer from. First of all, an anti-decubitus mattress for the elderly must be comfortable, self-modelling and non-compressive. Fragile and sore bones require support that gently yields to their weight, thus avoiding the risk of bedsores. A mattress that is too rigid and not self-modelling creates critical pressure points that can affect microcirculation and cause redness, skin thinning and potential tearing.

On the other hand, despite the need for comfort, it is important that the mattress is not overly soft. An unstable support can make it hard to get up and turn around at night, an activity that the elderly may find challenging. This is especially true for people who are already used to firm mattresses, such as spring mattresses.

Comfort but also support: which is the ideal solution? 

A trade-off that meets both requirements is a slab composed of a base of polyurethane foam and a top layer of memory foam. Memory foam adapts to the pressure of the weight without compressing it and the rigid base stabilizes the support. Among the Mollyflex models, the best with this formula are the Natur Comfort and Giotto Memory. 

Natur Comfort

Natur Comfort: an ecological sleep experience

Made of polyurethane foam and memory foam of vegetable origin with a natural soy fibre cover, this anti-decubitus mattress is a true elixir of well-being. The natural soy fibre fabric is bacteria-resistant and highly breathable, while the GRS-certified polyester filling with graphene and silk fibres adjusts the temperature and offers exceptional comfort. With removable cover, it is a CE certified medical device.

Giotto Memory

Giotto Memory: lightness, comfort and practicality 

The combination of polyurethane and memory soft touch provides strong, orthopaedic support for the spine, while the memory surface filling adjusts to the contours of the body, giving a feeling of lightness and relaxation. The new quilted fabric cover not only gives a neat look, but also makes this versatile mattress pleasant to the touch. Suitable for those with back pain, elderly or disabled people, it can be removed and is easy to clean. 

Mattress with pocket springs for elderly people 

Pocket springs mattresses can also be a good choice to meet the sleeping needs of the elderly, providing that they are topped with a layer of self-modelling memory foam. Furthermore, it is important that these mattresses are not too high to avoid the risk of falling. 

In addition to comfort and support, hygiene is also crucial. The materials used in the anti-decubitus mattresses must be breathable and washable: that is why it is preferable to buy a model with removable cover, such as the Sanremo Classic. 


Sanremo Classic: the perfect mix of comfort and support

Thanks to its innovative pocket spring design and memory foam, this mattress offers a healthy and long-lasting sleep. The final touch is the heat-regulating Polisoff sewn directly into the cover, which creates an ideal night-time micro-climate for maximum well-being. 

sanremo classic

In situations where the elderly are laid back or spend long hours in bed, it is advisable to opt for a Meditex fabric cover or at least a mattress topper. These materials help maintain a hygienic environment, preventing potential skin problems and ensuring overall well-being.

In conclusion, the choice of anti-decubitus mattresses for the elderly and disabled must carefully consider the specific needs of comfort, support and hygiene. Models such as those with memory foam or pocket springs can offer the right combination to ensure a healthy and comfortable sleep.