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March 27, 2024

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Mattresses for athletes: regenerate while you sleep

mattresses for athletes

Being an athlete does not only mean pushing your body to the limit, but also devoting the right amount of time to post-training recovery. Proper sleep is essential for optimal performance, and a good night’s sleep plays a crucial role. Choosing the right mattress can have a significant impact on an athlete’s recovery, helping to relieve pain and improve overall sleep quality. In this article we will explore the best mattresses for athletes, taking into account experts’ opinions and recommending three Mollyflex mattress models made of special materials and regenerating compositions. 

The importance of sleep for athletes: are you getting enough rest? 

A study by the National Sleep Foundation found that athletes need more sleep than the average adult who does not engage in high-intensity sports. Quality sleep is essential for muscle recovery, physical and mental regeneration and general well-being. Insufficient or poor quality sleep can lead to a decrease in accuracy, strength and reaction time, which has a negative impact on performance. 

A good race performance starts with choosing the right mattress. 

To help athletes in their search for a restful sleep, researchers at Mollyflex have identified some mattresses for athletes that ensure optimal post-competition or post-training recovery. These mattresses are designed to provide the right amount of comfort, support and relief at pressure points, so that the muscles can relax and the skeletal system can completely abandon itself. In addition, they are made of special high-tech materials with regenerative characteristics. Let’s see which ones! 

Best mattresses for athletes according to Mollyflex 

If you play sports at a high level or if you are simply looking for a mattress that has the power to regenerate you after a long day at work, here are the models recommended by our experts: 

Medical X Static

medical x static

The Medical X Static mattress provides a regenerating sleep thanks to an innovative technology that uses the energy of micro-crystals. Composed of a solid core of three polyurethanes and a sheet of memory crystal foam, this mattress offers optimal comfort and improves the overall energy state of body and mind. Thanks to the micro-crystals, the mattress promotes relaxation and rejuvenation of the skin, positively influences the mood, stimulates circulation and helps get rid of stress and fatigue.



The Square mattress is another great choice for sports enthusiasts. Its innovative design incorporates a high-density memory foam layer that conforms to the contours of your body, providing targeted support and relief. The Square mattress is ideal for athletes looking for a well-supported, yet comfortable sleep surface. This mattress has been designed to promote a healthy alignment of the spine and prevent any discomfort or pain that may result from intense physical exertion.

Venezia Coral

Venezia coral

Venezia Coral mattress boasts a luxurious blend of natural materials and state-of-the-art technology, making it a perfect choice for sportspeople looking for a premium sleep experience. It is composed of 5 layers of polyurethane and memory foam, combined with the innovative Polisoff material. This special open cell gel absorbs and releases body heat and moisture, maintaining a pleasant feeling of freshness and providing excellent elasticity. Available in two versions – soft for a flexible reception perfect for those who prefer to sleep on the side, and firm for a more compact surface ideal for those who prefer the prone position – the Venezia Coral perfectly suits the personal tastes of athletes. In addition, the two textures can be combined into a single double mattress to provide the support desired for the two partners. 


If you’re doing a lot of sports, sleeping on the right mattress can really change your life. The ideal mattress helps you sleep better and more deeply, allowing your body to regenerate and optimize your efforts. The result? You’ll feel more rested and improve your overall performance. The Mollyflex mattresses, in particular the Medical X Static, Square and Venezia Coral models, offer innovative regenerating features and exceptional comfort, as well as all the most prestigious certifications that attest to the quality of materials and workmanship made in Italy. All you have to do is come to the store and try them out. 

Have a good workout and sleep from Mollyflex!  


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