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September 8, 2022

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Memory foam mattress: why choose it?

All the tips and tricks to choose a memory foam mattress

The memory foam mattress is an optimal choice for those looking for a comfortable mattress, which ensures a healthy and quality rest. These mattresses offer a unique level of comfort, thanks to their ability to adapt perfectly to the shape of the body and minimize pressure points on the spine. They are also particularly durable and are able to maintain their particular properties for a long time, always ensuring optimal support.  

Thanks to these features, memory foam mattresses are increasingly popular and in demand. But what is memory foam? What are its advantages, and why choose a mattress made of this material? Let’s discover together everything you need to know about memory foam technology and some tips and tricks to choose the mattress that best suits your needs

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is a viscoelastic material, mainly composed of polyurethane. As can be guessed from the English term (“foam” in Italian means “foam”), this material looks like a dense foam that, thanks to its particular properties, can deform and react to weights in a completely innovative way, preserving “memory” of deformation for a few seconds. Memory foam, in fact, is a dynamic and thermosensitive material, which is able to modify its structure in a differentiated way, according to the weight and heat it is subjected to. This can be easily verified by placing a hand on a layer of memory and applying a slight pressure: once the hand is raised, the impression will remain clearly visible on the surface for a few seconds. The layer will then gradually return to its initial state. 

memory foam

Memory foam mattresses: features and advantages

As we have seen, one of the main features of memory foam mattresses is their ability to adapt to weight and body temperature, fundamental qualities for the mattress to be able to better support the body, Promoting a pleasant and healthy rest, even for those suffering from back pain or cervical pain. Memory foam mattresses are non-deformable and, returning to their original shape in a gradual and constant way, ensure optimal support in every position. In addition to these features, memory foam mattresses are also distinguished by several other qualities, such as:

  • ergonomics: memory foam is an extremely ductile material, which is able to shape and adapt to body shapes according to user needs, always ensuring adequate support and a perfect alignment of the spine. For this reason, memory foam mattresses are particularly suitable for those suffering from back pain, joint problems or blood circulation. They are also recommended to those who find it hard to fall asleep and find the ideal position and to those suffering from chronic fatigue or muscle pain due to poor posture;
  • high breathability, property that makes memory foam mattresses ideal in any season of the year. The special characteristics of memory foam in fact favor the passage of air, avoiding the accumulation of moisture and dust. Some models of memory mattresses are designed to promote the release of body heat and perfect thermoregulation, reducing the sensation of overheating and night sweating;
  • high hygiene, guaranteed by the antibacterial and anti-mite properties of the material. The constant recirculation of air inside the fibers of memory foam mattresses ensures complete hygiene and perfect sanitization, helping to keep away dust, bacteria and dirt residues. This type of mattress is therefore particularly suitable for those suffering from allergies or respiratory problems, and for those who have a particularly delicate skin. Even if memory foam mattresses do not require special maintenance, remember to periodically wash and turn the mattress, avoiding to place it in humid or poorly ventilated environments. 

Other tips to relieve back pain in bed

Choosing the right position while resting is crucial to prevent and counteract back pain, but there are also other small steps you can follow to try to alleviate or solve this problem. Regardless of your chosen position, try to keep your spine, shoulders, and hips in line at all times and fill in any gaps that might form between your body and bed using pillows so you don’t strain your muscles and spine too much. When you change position, do not make sudden movements or excessive twists to avoid losing alignment and always move your body all together, bringing your knees to your chest while you turn. 

To prevent or alleviate lower back pain it is also important to pay attention to daily habits: regular physical activity and specific postural exercises and stretching of the spine will help you move correctly and maintain the right position even during rest.  

Finally, consider changing your mattress. Keep in mind that generally mattresses have a duration of about ten years: after this period of time they may not provide adequate support and therefore promote or worsen back pain. A good mattress should be comfortable, breathable and have the right degree of rigidity to provide adequate support. Avoid too soft mattresses, which would tend to sink the body and alter the natural alignment of the spine.

How to choose a memory foam mattress

Given the variety of memory foam mattresses on the market, choosing the model that best suits your needs may not be so easy. To buy a mattress that can guarantee the highest level of comfort, you will need to take into account several factors, such as the height of the model, the level of breathability of the material and the type of fabric used for the coating, but also the density of the foam. Let’s see specifically what are the different aspects to evaluate:

Memory foam mattress
  • height: keep in mind that memory foam mattresses can be made with multiple layers of memory foam or combined with other materials – this is the case, for example, of the Memo Top mattress, Featuring three layers of polyurethane of different densities and a special layer of memory. The higher the number of layers present in the mattress, the greater the thickness and the better its performance and the level of comfort it will be able to guarantee. Try to choose a product that is at least 20 cm high: lower mattresses may not provide adequate support and be uncomfortable and less resistant; 
  • perspiration and materials used: the level of perspiration that the mattress can guarantee is directly linked to the quality and type of materials used to make it. The best memory foam mattresses are those that feature a type of open cell foam, particularly porous, which ensures the maximum passage of air possible. On the market you can also find memory mattresses with a higher level of breathability, made with materials specially designed to promote the dissipation of body heat and moisture leakage – such as the Visco Fresh mattress by Mollyflex; 
  • density, another very important aspect to evaluate before purchasing. This value, which represents the weight per unit volume, is measured in kilograms per cubic meter and indicates the strength level of the mattress, and therefore also its durability. If you want to buy a memory mattress of good quality and that lasts a long time, make sure that the density is not too low (generally not below 40 kg/m3); 
  • certifications: before choosing a memory mattress, verify that it is a safe product and that it has obtained recognized certifications, which attest to its quality and hypoallergenic, anti-mite and antibacterial properties. Certipur certified mattresses – like all Mollyflex mattresses – are a guarantee of absolute quality, safety and sustainability of the materials used; 
  • type of outer covering, on which depends the level of comfort and breathability that the mattress is able to ensure. There are different types of coatings, such as viscose, polyester or other fibers, that have specific characteristics and properties. Keep in mind that memory foam tends to retain heat, so be sure to choose a mattress with a breathable coating, which allows the mattress to be cool, even in warmer seasons. The presence of a removable and easily washable outer lining is also an important aspect to consider for the hygiene of the mattress; 
  • personal needs, which are definitely the key element in choosing. If you don’t have a clear idea of what kind of features your memory mattress should have, go to a specialized store to compare different models and try them out for yourself, or ask for advice from an experienced and competent staff who can help you and direct you to the choice of the mattress that best suits your needs. 

Thinking about buying a memory foam mattress? Mollyflex offers a wide choice of memory foam mattresses: models of different heights, sizes and sizes, made with safe and certified materials. In the Moontex line, in particular, you can find memory mattresses suitable for any need, designed to ensure a healthy rest and a pleasant feeling of well-being. Discover all the available models and, if you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us!