Federica Molly
Federica Molly

October 6, 2023

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What should you know before buying a mattress?

Buying a mattress is an important investment in your comfort and well-being. In fact, the mattress is one of the accessories in the home that we use most and that has a decisive influence on our state of health. Therefore, before you make your purchase, we advise you to go to a specialized store and consider these key factors: 

Break down prejudice about materials and construction techniques 

Is it better to have a sprung mattress or memory foam? The answer is: it depends. Everyone’s personal needs require different characteristics in terms of mattress materials and construction techniques. To find the ideal mattress, it is essential to abandon old beliefs that a firm mattress is better for your back and lasts longer. Or that memory foam mattresses make you sweat. Over the past two decades, the mattress industry has made great progress in terms of research and technology. The latest generation mattresses favours comfort over firmness, to provide adequate and beneficial anatomical support to our bodies. 

Try out your mattress in the store  

Today, many people rely on online mattress sales for convenience. This is a risky choice, because it does not allow you to try out the mattress before your purchase. Imagine buying a pair of shoes: would you buy them sight unseen without trying them on? It is the same for the mattress. It is not enough to just look at it or squeeze its surface with your hand, let alone see it in a photo: the mattress must be tried by lying down, changing position and giving yourself time to examine its firmness. 

try out the mattress

Rely on specialised consultants

Although mattresses sale is not an exact science, relying on trained personnel allows you to learn about the various types of mattresses, their performance, benefits and material characteristics. It is essential to explain your sleeping habits in detail in order to receive personalised advice and find the best mattress for you. What position you sleep in, what texture you prefer, if you suffer from particular pains or if you tend to get colder or warmer while sleeping. The more information you give the consultants, the more they will be able to guide you in your choice. 

Check the support base and its dimensions

Before choosing your new mattress, make sure you know the exact dimensions of the bed base that will house it and the type of support you intend to use: container bed, futon, a wooden board, a Japanese tatami or a spring base. Different types of support can determine which mattress to choose. 

Find out about tax deductions 

Yes: the mattress purchase can be deducted from your tax return! To be deductible, mattresses must be medical devices and CE-marked. A medical device mattress is a mattress that offers a proven therapeutic benefit, i.e. it has anti-decubitus characteristics. Memory foam and polyurethane foam mattresses belong to this category. 

Give yourself time to choose

One final piece of advice: before starting your search take your time. Try out the mattress, try it again if you need to, compare different heights and feel different material compositions. Ask the specialist staff for advice on choosing a mattress based on your weight and sleeping habits: you will benefit enormously! 

Choose the Made in Italy Quality

Cost is an important aspect when choosing to buy a mattress. A Made in Italy mattress  will always have a higher price than mattresses made in other countries, but the quality will be much better. The Made in Italy mark certifies the materials provenance, the workmanship quality and the mattress safety, as well as guaranteeing high performance and durability.  


Mollyflex consultants are at your complete disposal to take you through the important choice of buying your new mattress. Visit our stores to learn more about our products and experience for yourself the comfort and extraordinary quality of our artisanal mattresses!