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September 8, 2023

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Bed base and back pain: which one to choose to sleep better

How much does the quality of the mattress and bed base influence back pain? Quite a lot, if you consider that we spend about one third of the day resting. Low back pain afflicts more than 16 million Italians and the causes are often incorrect postures and sedentary work. However, if the back pain is most severe when you wake up, the time may have come to change your bed system. It is not enough to choose a quality orthopedic mattress to take care of your back: even the bed base makes a difference. Here are the best bed bases if you suffer from low back or neck pain.  

Why is it important to invest in a bed base? 

In the relationship between back pain and mattress, we must never forget a third fundamental element: the bed base. In other words, a good orthopedic mattress on a poor bed base will never provide the feeling of relief and well-being for which it was designed. The bed system must be considered as a whole, as the union of all elements. The mattress base has the task of supporting and optimally distributing body weight over the entire bed system. In addition to this, the bed base protects and allows the mattress to breathe, thus prolonging its life and ensuring maximum hygiene and cleanliness at all times. 

An excellent bed base is a base that has a perfect balance between solidity and elasticity. The space between the slats, or between the springs, must be sufficient to ensure ventilation of the mattress and the materials must be of certified high quality. 

The best bed base if you suffer from low back pain 

If you suffer from back or neck pain, the wooden slatted base is definitely better than the classic sprung base. Wood is a flexible material that adapts better to the shape of the body and movements during sleep. Mollyflex slatted bases have a slight ‘‘humpback’’ curvature, i.e. the central part is higher than the sides, an important feature providing a beneficial orthopedic support for the back. The Mollyflex bed bases catalogue includes both fixed and motorised bases. Considering the same robustness and quality of materials, including FSC-certified beech wood, let’s have a look at the different characteristics of the two types. 

Fixed slatted bed bases

Fixed slatted bases offer ideal anatomical support and keep the mattress clean and ventilated, preventing moisture stagnation. The multilayered beech frame encloses steam-curved wooden slats, which are essential to provide adequate support for the spine. They are simple, robust and excellent value for money. An ideal choice also for those suffering from low back and neck pain!


The electric motorised bases are the top-of-the-range of Mollyflex bed bases. The two ends of the base can be raised independently, which makes it possible to change the angle to lift the legs or upper body. In case of low back pain, but also lymphatic problems or gastric reflux, this type of bed base offers even greater well-being. In addition, the suspension system further cushions the body weight and provides a feeling of lightness and relief to the spine. 


Browse the Mollyflex catalogue and check out our models of orthopedic bed bases for double, single, king or queen size mattresses. If you want to speak to a Mollyflex consultant for assistance, please contact us on freephone 800 400 460, or visit one of our storesWe are at your disposal to help you create your ideal bed system.