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July 20, 2023

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How to choose the bed base for the mattress

All the useful tips to choose the mattress base that best suits your needs

How to choose the bed base for the mattress

The choice of the bed base is as important as the choice of mattress to ensure a healthy and comfortable sleep. The bed base can in fact greatly affect the quality of rest and affect the level of comfort and support that your mattress will provide. On the market you can find a wide choice of nets, of different types, sizes and technologies, designed to adapt to every type of mattress and need for rest. Before proceeding to purchase, however, you will need to carefully evaluate the characteristics of each model and your needs. First make sure that the net is able to support your back properly and keep your spine and neck well aligned during rest. 

Let’s see together all the useful tips for choosing the bed base for the mattress and some tips to make an informed choice and get maximum comfort during rest.

Aspects to consider when choosing a mattress base

As we have seen, the bed base plays a fundamental role in providing the right support to your body during sleep. A proper bed base can help to align the spine and reduce the risk of pain and muscle tension. In addition, it can affect the durability of the mattress, as it ensures the right support and adequate ventilation. Choosing an unsuitable bed base can instead cause deformation and reduce the effectiveness of the mattress over time.

To find the model that best suits your needs, before proceeding to purchase you will need to: 

  • evaluate the size of the net, which must be appropriate to those of the mattress. Like the mattress, the bed base should be slightly longer (at least 20 cm) than the height of the person. In general, the standard dimensions for the single mattress base are 80 x 190/200 cm, while for the double mattress base are 160 x 190/200 cm, up to 180 x 200 cm for the king size beds (but you can also find nets with different sizes, designed to fit mattresses of various sizes). Before proceeding to purchase, then, measure your mattress and make sure to choose a bed base that perfectly fits the size of the bed; 
  • consider your weight and comfort preferences, because these factors play an important role in choosing the mattress base. People with a higher weight, for example, may need a bed base that offers more support. On the contrary, lighter people or people who prefer a softer surface, could opt for a slatted bed base that allows greater flexibility; 
  • take into account the mattress you will use, because this can affect the choice of the bed base. For example, some latex and memory foam mattresses need good ventilation to prevent heat build-up. In this case, a slatted network can be a more suitable choice than a spring network, since it ensures better air circulation; 
  • evaluate the type and quality of materials with which the network is made, which can affect its durability and overall comfort. Nets can be made of various materials, including wood and metal, and each material has unique characteristics in terms of strength, durability and ventilation. It is important to choose a material that is durable and that suits your personal preferences; 
  • try the bed base and mattress before buying them to evaluate the comfort and support offered by the bed base and make sure that they best suit your needs for rest. If you decide to buy the net online or you can not try it, ask advice to an expert staff – such as that of Mollyflex – who will guide you in the purchase and recommend the product that best suits your needs. 

Mattress base: how to choose it?

There are different types of bed bases, each with specific characteristics and properties. To help you evaluate the available options and choose the one that best suits your needs, here are the main ones: 

  • slatted bed base, one of the most common and popular types of bed nets. It consists of a series of horizontal slats that extend along the bed frame. The slats can be made of different materials (usually wood) and can be provided or not with suspensions and stiffness sliders to ensure a level of support and comfort customized. For example, Mollyflex’s standard fixed bed base comes with additional slats, designed for adjusting stiffness in the lumbar area. This type of net offers good ventilation and adequate support for the body during sleep; 
  • orthopedic bed base, designed to provide targeted and therapeutic support to the body. These bed bases are made with specific materials, such as plywood slats or slats of shaped type, which adapt to the natural curves of the body. Orthopedic nets are recommended for those who need extra support for back or joint problems. The Mollyflex orthopedic bed base, for example, ensures excellent anatomical support, guaranteed by the double beech plywood slats at the pelvis, and is designed to ensure a high level of comfort;  
  • electrical network, which can be adjusted electrically in different positions, and offers numerous benefits for those wishing to improve the quality of rest. Thanks to the ability to adjust the inclination and height of the bed, the electrical networks allow in fact a greater customization of comfort, improving overall comfort. The ability to lift the head or legs can be useful to reduce pain and muscle tension and relieve pressure on specific areas of the body, such as back, shoulders and legs. Mollyflex’s electrical technical bed base is designed to allow the mattress to adapt in the best possible way to any position it takes and works gently on the spine, ensuring perfect support and correct posture. 

How to combine bed base and mattress

As we have seen, choosing the right bed base for the mattress can affect the durability of the mattress itself and the overall quality of rest. Before choosing the bed base, therefore, it is important to understand how to combine bed base and mattress in the best way, to ensure a rest that is as healthy and comfortable as possible. In general, the choice of the bed base should be evaluated according to the degree of rigidity of the mattress. If the mattress is soft, you will need to choose a network that ensures greater solidity, to avoid any pain and problems in the spine. If instead the mattress is stiffer, it will be better to opt for a more flexible bed base model, which compensates for the hardness of the mattress and ensures a perfect adaptation of the spine.

For an orthopedic spring mattress, for example, the ideal would be to choose a rather rigid bed base, which offers a high support and resists the mattress in such a way as to keep the body always in line and prevent the spine from bending or assuming unnatural positions during the night. On the contrary, for memory foam mattresses, usually softer, it is better to opt for a more elastic and adjustable slatted base, which allows you to follow the movements of the mattress without creating depressions and therefore cause back pain or sleep disturbances. 

If you need more tips to choose the network that best suits your needs or if you want more information about the models proposed by Mollyflex, contact us