A silver fiber in the mattress cover?

It is now possible to insert a special silver fiber inside the mattress cover. All thanks to X-static fiber of pure silver with more than 12 years of testing by prestigious institutions around the world, confirm the safety and validity of its features. The X-static fiber used inside the mattress covers in fact has some properties such as:

РAntimicrobicità: quickly eliminates 99.9% of bacteria in less than one hour of exposure;

– Catalyse: more the atmosphere is warm and humid, the more effective X-static becomes. E ‘then the ideal solution, because most of the bacteria develops in these conditions;

– Safety and naturalness: X-static is made with pure silver, which is an element found in nature. It contains no chemicals, and therefore no risk of toxicity in the consumer;

– Antistatic: X-static has a ‘high electrical conductivity which makes the fabric free from static electricity by decreasing the discomfort due to electric shock surface;

– Long lasting and resistant to washing: it is the result of a surface treatment of fabrics. The silver is bound to a polymer in an irreversible manner so as to become physically one with the fiber.

For more information on silver fiber for mattress cover, please discover the matress Moontex Medical X STATIC.