What the mushroom-shaped shock absorbers are?

It is an innovative system with independent suspension mounted onto the Mollyflex bed frames for mattresses, which enable movements in 3 directions supporting the body shape and therefore maintaining a correct spine alignment. In fact, human vertebral column consists of a complex system of discs and rings which function as shock absorbers; it enables us to perform our daily movements such as lifting weights, walking etc. But it often goes through the wringer when we take unnatural positions which can damage this fragile system.
A correct position during night-time enables the discs to get back to their original thickness and to keep their elasticity. In fact these mushroom-shaped shock absorbers mounted onto the bed frames, such as the new  “Rete Letto P38 Sph”, allow the vertebral column to stay in the correct position with optimum comfort.

For further informationrelating tomushroom-shaped shock absorbers for Mollyflex bed frames, you can contact us and we will be glad to give you any technical specifications you may need.