Anti-mite mattresses, how many are there?

It is well known that mattresses, during the night, collect a lot of dust and small pieces of dead skin that are constantly deposited on bed sheets. This makes the environment ideal for the proliferation of mites, which nourish themselves precisely of these substances. For this reason, it is important to choose an anti-mite mattress which is capable of preventing reactions, allergies, eliminating bacteria and thus safeguarding our health.

There are various models of hypoallergenic anti-mite mattress, from those made of latex or foam up to those produced using polymers. All the above mentioned materials prevent the spread of mites and other bacteria potentially harmful to the health of those who sleep. Let’s look at the different types of anti-mite mattresses:

Latex mattress
Latex mattresses are made using latex foam and cover with silver filaments, with antibacterial properties. This ensures that this mattress model is highly hypoallergenic and anti-mite.

Memory foam anti-mite mattress
Memory foam is a material composed of a particular foam that is sculpted in contact with the body. Thanks to memory foam that does not allow mites to proliferate within the structure, this mattress is particularly indicated for those who want to prevent any allergies derived from the presence of mites.

Polyurethane foam anti-mite mattress
Polyurethane foam is a mixture of isocyanate and polyol, foamed with water. Since this type of mattress is composed almost entirely of polyurethane, it does not offer a suitable habitat for dust mites.

Anti-mite mattress: the coating
To prevent the proliferation of mites and, especially, to avoid that they can pass through the fabrics that cover the mattress, it is not enough to evaluate the type of material with which its structure is made. You need also to ensure that its cover is made of hypoallergenic fibres which do not absorb dust and that they are treated with special substances designed precisely to inhibit the appearance of mites. We also recommend choosing hypoallergenic mattresses equipped with removable cover, which can be periodically removed and washed as reported on labels.