To rest on a mattress that doesn’t make us feel hot

After a long, hot summer’s day, one of our primary needs is to rest on a mattress that doesn’t make us feel hot but that, to the contrary, allows us to sleep cool and comfortably.

To better enjoy comfort and freshness, the best idea is to rely on memory foam. This material reduces the pressure points, effectively distributing body weight and promoting microcirculation.

Mollyflex has designed mattresses that meet these needs, giving you a pleasant refreshed feeling:

  • Memo Artic Mattress
  • Visco Fresh Mattress

The mattresses cited above use innovative Polygel, a highly-breathable, open-cell foam that allows much greater breathability than other standard memory foams. Polygel adapts perfectly to your body shape, without making you hot, and maintains ideal comfort and freshness all night long.

In addition to Polygel, both mattresses employ a special type of fabric cover. This is Termotech Plus 100% plant fiber, a fabric made from treated cellulose. Fresh and highly resistant, it adapts perfectly to your body’s demand for heat. Furthermore, the fabric is hygroscopic – that means it absorbs the water released by the body – significantly reducing the hot-moist sensation that can be created on summer nights.