Buy mattresses online

Do you want to buy a mattress but do not know how to transport it at home and do not want to spend extra money for shipping? With Mollyflex, you can buy the best mattresses online, saving money and effort!

How to choose your mattress online

Many find that the online purchase of the mattress is a risky choice, as you do not have the opportunity to test the mattress and figure out if indeed which one is suitable for your needs. With Mollyflex, however, you can choose the perfect one because for each mattress available on the online shop are described the precise properties, providing all the specifications so that you can choose the perfect mattress for your needs. For each mattress, in fact, are specified:

  • the characteristics, such as degrees to wash it, if it is anti-mite, if it is orthopedic, the possibility of rolling it up or not, if according to the season it should be turned
  • the dimensions, because Mollyflex also makes customized mattresses, according to the specific measurements of the bed structures
  • the type of coating, then the fabrics used to cover the internal structure
  • the interior, the materials used to make the internal structure
  • certificates and trademarks, referring to the fabrics and systems used in production
  • stiffness class, to catalog the stiffness and softness of the mattress, with a scale from 1 to 6
  • comfort class, which quantifies the quality of comfort with a graduated scale from 1 to 6.

More information

For more information about buying mattresses online and get the best advice to find the best mattress Mollyflex suitable for your needs, you can fill out the form in the contact section of the site and receive assistance from qualified staff.