Ergonomic mattresses for sale

Ergonomic mattresses for a proper rest

Need a mattress that can best support your body? Mollyflex is an Italian company specializing in sleeping solutions that can meet all the specific sleeping needs of its customers: the wide range of sleeping mattresses includes different solutions suitable for those with joint problems, arthrosis, herniated discs, lordosis, muscle soreness, back pain or from rheumatism.  

The ergonomic mattresses produced by Mollyflex

Thanks to more than 40 years in the sleeping solutions industry, Mollyflex makes top-quality, 100% made in Italy and certified products that are able to accommodate the physiological curves of the spine at every point. Among the many mattresses suitable for those with sleeping problems at Mollyflex are:

  • the Giotto Spring mattress, orthopedic, hypoallergenic and equipped with 800 independent springs capable of adapting to all body positions, 
  • the Brixia Premium mattress, which combines orthopedic support and hygroscopic action
  • the Sanremo Classic mattress, composed of pocketed springs to ensure an ideal nighttime microclimate
  • the Memo Artic mattress, composed of a combination of innovative materials and suitable for those suffering from herniated discs, back pain, arthrosis, muscle soreness and lordosis
  • the Viscofresh mattress, composed of three perfectly balanced layers with thermoregulating surfaces that make it able to optimize weight distribution.
Materassi ortopedici ergonomici

What distinguishes Mollyflex’s ergonomic mattresses?

The entire range of sleeping solutions made by Mollyflex is certified and attested with the most renowned brands in the sector, such as Oeko Tex Standard 100, Class 1 IM and Certipur. All products come with a quality guarantee that ensures the use of environmentally friendly, eco-friendly and state-of-the-art materials that make orthopedic-anatomical mattresses. Mollyflex is constantly researching innovative techniques so as to offer its customers a product of excellent quality and suitable for every particular need.

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