Features of the children’s mattress

Do you need a children’s mattress that is specifically designed for their needs? Mollyflex produces mattresses with specific characteristics for children, able to ensure even the youngest of children a peaceful and safe sleep, always able to ensure adequate support for their body. Children and babies sleep for most of the day, many more hours than adults. It is therefore essential to choose a mattress appropriate for their age.

What should a child’s mattress be like?

Mattresses for children must be studied to measure according to certain characteristics, because children spend a lot of time in bed, and often in inadequate positions. They are also in a phase of growth and development, so it is necessary to find support that moves with them in a natural and non-invasive way. Mattresses for children have different characteristics than those for adults. They must be:

  • Hygienic and hypoallergenic, in avoiding the proliferation of mites and bacteria;
  • Have removable and washable covers, to be able to sanitize the fabric. As is known, children can have urinary leakage during the night, so the mattress must be easily washable;
  • Have the right firmness in order to allow correct rest from a physical point of view, supporting the natural growth of the child;
  • Be breathable and able to disperse moisture.

Which mattresses with these features does Mollyflex sell?

Given the importance of mattresses for the rest and well-being of children and babies, Mollyflex has developed an entire line of mattresses for children, the Baby line. Among the many mattresses available in the catalog are:

  • Baby Plus mattresses, made with water-based polymers, which are completely hypoallergenic and highly breathable;
  • Baby Plus Fresh mattresses, completely hypoallergenic and breathable, ergonomic and dustproof;
  • With their particularly high density, Baby San mattresses accommodate the child’s torso and guarantee truly exceptional comfort.

More information on Mollyflex products
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