Fireproof mattress

The new rules on safety and the compliance fire in hospitals and medical facilities, and in the tourism sector (hotels, residences, etc…) have given an impetus to the production of Mollyflex who has created a new line of fireproof mattresses.

Fireproof mattress

These special mattresses are designed providing for the use of special materials such as polyurethane with high-tech polymers mixed with the water that makes the mattress unassailable by fire and then totally fireproof. All mattresses by Firestop line (fireproof) are made without the use of CFC (Chloro-Fluoro-carbides), chemical synthesis banned by international standards because liable for damage to human health. All the components that contribute to the creation of fireproof mattress by italian factory Mollyflex, including woven fabrics and fillings, comply with the ISO international quality standards and are approved by the Ministry of the Interior for fire resistance. All these features make the line of fireproof mattress ideal for the supply contract. Mollyflex has established special models according to the target destination. The “Hotel Security” is a fireproof mattress designed for hotels and contains all the properties necessary for the tourism context, while other models as “Sanitex” or “Phisyomed” are fireproof mattresses for hospitals.

In medical clinics and hospitals, it is essential that hospital beds are equipped with high flame resistance mattresses for the safety of patients. In this regard, Mollyflex has studied various types of fireproof mattress which differ in the internal composition, which are totally fireproof. This is the model “Sanitex”, hospital anti-decubitus mattress fire retardant certified Class 1 IM, as well as the “Phisyomed”, anti-decubitus mattress certified class 1 IM and CE, designed for the hospital sector.

high flame resistance mattresses

Mollyflex has studied and designed a special composition of materials for the construction of a fireproof mattress for hotels, to meet the growing need for security in tourism where the standards imposed are top notch. For this reason it is born “Hotel Security”, the fireproof mattress hotels available in single and double. This mattress is realized with a mixture of polyurethane combined with water molecules that make it unassailable from the flames.

fireproof mattress for hotels