How to become a mattress reseller

Do you want to enter an established business with great possibilities for future development? Find out how to become a Mollyflex reseller! The company is the ideal partner for a franchise business, thanks to the many services for mattress and sleep product retailers. It is the ideal solution both for entrepreneurs and those who want to make themselves known in the retail sector with products of superior quality, recognized and certified for their exceptional characteristics.

What advantages do Mollyflex resellers have?

The company is a market leader in the production and sale of high quality Made in Italy mattresses. Mollyflex products are the ideal solution to guarantee truly peaceful sleep, guaranteeing maximum safety and comfort. We lean on a team of professional experts who develop new products thanks to the latest technologies in healthy and safe sleep, so as to ensure the end customer a positive benefit not only in sleep at night, but also in their own well-being.

What makes Mollyflex mattresses truly unique? Compared to the competition, our products boast a truly vast potential of customization for each individual product. In this way, our dealers can meet the specific needs of each customer with high quality, tailor-made products. Being able to customize a mattress according to one’s needs is an important factor in market positioning. In addition, Mollyflex also offers an extremely varied and complete catalog of products for rest, which make the offering of any retailer truly unique. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Ecological sleep products, from mattresses to pillows;
  • Quick and guaranteed delivery times;
  • Possibility of receiving large quantities of products, thanks to vacuum storage;
  • Scalable guarantee that ensures lasting coverage over time;
  • The possibility of selling fully Made in Italy products.

Mollyflex also offers the possibility of selling business products, i.e. B2B. This can include mattresses dedicated to the hotel industry, and more. This is another market sector in which Mollyflex occupies a position of absolute significance.

Would you like to become a Mollyflex reseller?
Thanks to the experience gained in over thirty years in the field, Mollyflex is now present with a branched franchising network both in Italy and abroad, which it supplies with Made in Italy items produced exclusively in its own factory. Becoming a Mollyflex dealer means entering a well-connected and developed network that aims to improve business as a shared interest. Thus, truly interesting and useful services are available to resellers, which are able to increase performance and revenues. To become a retailer of the Mollyflex brand or open a franchise of our products, fill out the form with the information request, and enter the Mollyflex world.