Hypoallergenic mattresses for children

Every parent wants the best for their children and choose only products of the highest quality.

That’s why even in the choice of the mattress many choose hypoallergenic mattresses for children Mollyflex, a company that for more than 30 years produces mattresses that meet the highest quality standards and the most recognized certifications in the industry, offering its customers only the ultimate in comfort and style.

Materassi anallergici per bambini

The hypoallergenic mattresses for children are among the most frequent requests Mollyflex company. In fact, many children suffer from dust allergy, caused by mites that unfortunately proliferate in blankets, bedding, sofas and in all objects of cloth. For this reason it is essential to pay attention to the children’s bed and its components, starting from hypoallergenic mattresses. For hours to pass in that room are healthy is essential to equip the beds of hypoallergenic mattresses for children, to prevent the children can have difficulty breathing (also not related to allergies) or even crisis that may be serious.

The choice of hypoallergenic mattresses for children Mollyflex is therefore essential in severe cases of allergy, but in any case it is also recommended for those who do not suffer from allergies, but want to have peace of mind and to minimize flu and colds.
The mattresses and mite-allergic children Mollyflex are lined with breathable fabrics, treated with anti-mite and whose filling is in a hypoallergenic fiber, such as natural latex, or polymers of the latest generation, which allow you to avoid the concentration of dust . The hypoallergenic mattresses Mollyflex are also characterized by a high capacity of perspiration, often superior to that of a traditional mattress, which is created through the inclusion of a 3D band along the edge, to allow for greater ventilation. The exchange of air causes do not accumulate dust mites and allows the mattress to remain dry and cool.

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