Mattresses for 3 year old children

Experts Mollyflex have worked for more than 30 years to reward their customers with only the best mattresses, often focusing on specific requests, such as those of mothers who want mattresses for children aged 3 years.

If you select the best mattress for your bed is important for every adult even more so if you should choose to rest as a small child; in these cases, the best choice is to rely on the knowledge and expertise of professionals Mollyflex, which will allow you to find the best solutions between the mattresses 3 year old children.

Materassi per bambini 3 anni

Generally during early childhood, or for children up to 3 years, children spend up to 15 hours to sleep; Therefore, for this delicate age group it is advisable to pay attention to prefer mattresses that are structured to support the baby’s body in a totally uniform, assuring a good rest; mattresses for children around 3 years should be at least 12 cm high and not be exposed accessories that may endanger the child. To sanitize the mattress frequently, help for mothers can get from the choice of fabrics, which should be comfortable and washable with water in the washing machine whenever it is necessary.

The mattresses for children from 3 years old should take into account the important and fast growth of the child, and should foster a proper rest along with a controlled posture in bed; for this it is recommended that they are not too soft, but of medium hardness, able to support the spine while avoiding any deformation of the same. Even for mattresses for children 3 years and older is always better match to the mattress using a soprafodera antiallergic, which is resistant to wear and to facilitate ventilation and air circulation, while protecting the mattress.

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