Online sale of children’s mattresses

Are you looking for a children’s mattress that has all of the necessary features to guarantee safe and quality sleep for your child? Mollyflex has the right solution for your needs, available in just one click: it sells mattresses for children online. Mattresses produced by the company ensure the highest quality for peaceful sleep, especially in the very important stages of growth.

What mattresses does Mollyflex offer for children?

Mattresses for children and babies must meet certain requirements to ensure the best possible rest. Children spend a large part of the day in bed, often in incorrect positions. They are in their development phase, so they need safe and comfortable support that moves with them naturally.

Given the special needs of children, they must also be hygienic and hypoallergenic. As such, they must have a removable cover that can be washed if the child soils the mattress. They must have a comfortable and not excessively firm, be breathable, and able to disperse moisture.

Given the importance of mattresses for the rest and well-being of children and babies, Mollyflex has developed an entire line of mattresses for children available online, the Baby line. Amongst these are:

  • Baby Plus mattresses, made with water-based polymers, which are completely hypoallergenic and highly breathable;
  • Baby Plus Fresh mattresses, completely hypoallergenic and breathable, ergonomic and dustproof;
  • With their particularly high density, Baby San mattresses accommodate the child’s torso and guarantee truly exceptional comfort.

Purchasing is fast and easy at the Mollyflex online shop

Do you live in Italy? You can buy mattresses for children directly online, thanks to our convenient e-shop that guarantees fast and safe service. Select the mattress you prefer, add it to the cart and proceed with payment. Mollyflex offers online purchasing with quality and safety. You can use different payment methods:
• Credit card
• PayPal
• Check
• Bank transfer

Do you live abroad? No problem. Contact us to request a free quote on the price of the mattress and delivery.

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