Online sale of comforters

Online sale of comforters for a good night’s sleep

Are you looking for a comforter suitable for your sleeping needs to buy online? Mollyflex’s down comforters are all made of goose down and guarantee a healthy and restorative sleep. Goose down comforters are extremely lightweight, insulating and allow you to maintain constant body heat throughout the night. Since 1980 Mollyflex has been an expert in sleeping solutions and also produces with great dedication pillows, mattress covers and pillowcases suitable for all the specific needs of its customers.

Continuous updating and constant research of solutions for the production of comfortable mattresses and quality sleeping accessories are the strength of Mollyflex, which, thanks to its compliance with quality standards, has obtained numerous international certifications.

Comforters to ensure optimal rest

Mollyflex produces comforters for sleeping that are 100% made in Italy and composed exclusively of the highest quality materials and fabrics.The comforters guarantee optimal rest because they are thermoregulating, hypoallergenic, hygroscopic and sterilized.  Among Mollyflex’s best-selling comforters are:

  • the Libeccio comforter, made from the finest goose down and suitable for medium/cold temperatures
  • the Maestrale comforter, suitable for the coldest winters and totally hypoallergenic, breathable, impalpable and fluffy
  • the Ostro 4S comforter, a four-season duvet suitable for all temperatures and absolutely versatile: it consists of two layers, one light and one medium, which can be joined together for colder temperatures
  • the Levante comforter, which is extremely soft and light and composed of 90% silver down and 10% down from Poland
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Where to buy down comforters online?

Mollyflex down comforters are easily purchased from the online shop: Mollyflex guarantees safe, fast and reliable service. Alternatively, you can go to one of the many stores in Italy and abroad to touch the high quality of Mollyflex’s sleeping solutions.

Need more information about the online sale of comforters?

If you need more information about the online sale of comforters or the sleeping products offered by Mollyflex, please contact us by filling out the form in the contact section. We will get back to you as soon as possible!