Orthopedic mattress

One of the main characteristics of mattresses by Mollyflex is to be orthopedic.

Materassi ortopedici

The study applied technology materials and manufacturing technologies has led the italian company to produce high quality orthopedic mattresses, able to offer a proper support for the body during the night to ensure a relaxing sleep and promote well-being. A few years ago the word orthopedic was considered a synonym of rigid, in the sense that the general belief was that sleeping on a mattress more rigid the body is maintained in an upright position by offering a benefit to the joints. Scientific studies have shown that this belief was a myth to debunk because the main feature that a mattress should have for it to be considered orthopedic is anatomical or ergonomic. An orthopedic mattress should support the body and followed the shapes and movements during the observance, ensuring a correct position of the limbs and spine and supporting the body. This is why the orthopedic products by Mollyflex are made with different types of material: memory foam, latex, new materials and most innovative fabrics.

In total, there isn’t an orthopedic mattress better than another, but there is a more powerful type for each person. There are many features which combine to make an orthopedic mattress most suitable, such as the weight of the person, because on its basis the pressure that is exerted by the mattress will be higher or lower. In general, strong people prefer mattresses that tend to be more rigid in order to better respond to the pressure of the body and to properly support the entire surface. Instead, skinny people prefer orthopedic mattresses softer, because it is not a burden too on the internal structure of the mattress, doesn’t have the need for a great support. In general, however, there is a tendency to prefer a mattress that allows to maintain a comfortable and natural posture, which performs its orthopedic function exploiting the ability to adapt to the ergonomic shape of the body.

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