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Mollyflex is a company with ten years of experience in designing and creating quality sleep products. Throughout the years, the production of orthopedic mattresses has been a priority. The company relies on constant research and development carried out by a professional team of experts with modern technology and innovative materials. These characteristics allow Molyflex to offer sleep products that are made in Italy, ideal even for those who are in search of sound sleep or suffer from certain conditions.

A wide range of orthopedic mattresses

Mollyflex and its staff are in constant search for the best sleep products in terms of design, technology, and materials in order to make a vast collection of high-quality mattresses available to its clients. All products can be purchased online directly from our online store as well as through our many resellers throughout Italy and abroad.

Mollyflex orthopedic mattresses are very carefully made with extreme attention to detail to ensure the highest standards of comfort, safety, and rest. A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy life and for a person’s well-being. It’s even more important for those who suffer from certain conditions or have trouble sleeping due to their posture and the characteristics of their mattress. This is why the Polilattex Plus line consists of orthopedic mattresses studied for every need and condition. They are orthopedic and therapeutic mattresses that ensure quality sleep – regulating humidity, temperature, air circulation.

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Mollyplex orthopedic mattresses are made in Italy and designed by an expert staff that uses the most innovative technologies and high-quality materials to assure the best rest possible, making it healthy, with positive effects on the quality of life of the buyer. To satisfy many different needs, the company offers a wide range of mattresses and sleep products as well as a consultation to help find the best solution for your specific needs.

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If you need additional information regarding our orthopedic mattresses, send us any questions or concerns through the form in the contacts section. We’ll be happy to provide you with detailed answers as soon as possible.