Relax chair for the elderly

In the home environment comfort is of paramount importance, especially for older people who need comfortable and practical services to use. For this reason, Mollyflex has created a line of armchairs in which to find the relax chair for the elderly, a product that facilitates movement and allows seat adjustment, available with electric handling. Made in Italy armchairs that offer many benefits for those with mobility difficulties.

Poltrona relax per anziani

Mollyflex’s catalog includes many models of armchairs. Among them, the company offers dedicated articles for those with mobility problems such as the elderly, including the motorized relax chair for elderly people. This armchair, available in different colors and styles, comes with:

  • Automatic lift person system
  • Adjustable backrest and footrest position
  • Remote control to adjust the movements, easy and practical to use

Some models of relax chair for the elderly allow to remove the armrests so the seat can be accessed also from the sides, others are made with washable and waterproof cover.


Relying on Mollyflex is a guarantee of quality product and professional service. Business philosophy is focused on customer satisfaction and each article proposed reflects the profound values that characterize the company for over thirty years. The high quality relax chair for the elderly, as well as the quality of all resting items, can be found in the well-being of the customers who have tried Mollyflex products and use it in their own home.

If you want to know more about the relax chair for the elderly and if you want to know all available models, contact us now! Fill out the form in the Contacts section with your doubts and you will shortly receive a response from our staff.