Sale of anti-decubitus mattresses

The anti-decubitus mattress is the mattress recommended to all people who for physical problems, such as surgical operations, serious illness or old age, are forced to spend most of their time in bed or even that they can never get up. Mollyflex is an Italian company that makes mattresses and has specialized in the sale of anti-decubitus mattresses.

Why do you need a anti-decubitus mattresses?

Being bedridden, in particular health conditions and prolonged contact with the mattress surface can create injuries, due to body pressure or rubbing on the surface, especially in those parts where the bones protrude. The anti-decubitus mattress is designed to protect the skin, helping even in small movements. Furthermore, this particular type of mattress is considered as a tool for the prevention of skin lesions of the body, which falls within the national classification of medical devices.

Mattresses certified as Class 1 medical devices

Mollyflex anti-decubitus mattresses are certified as class 1 medical devices, this means that they are quality products, made with safe materials, tested in the laboratory, with CE marking and also classified as orthopedic mattresses. Mollyflex mattresses can therefore be considered real medical products to be used with patients and people who have difficulty in movement, to prevent decubitus injuries.

What are Mollyflex anti-bedsore mattresses?

At numerous Mollyflex dealers spread all over the world or directly on the online shop, it is possible to buy anti-decubitus mattresses with medical device certification. Among the wide selection of products available, you can also find:

  • Sanitex, from the Sanitary Sector line, made of polyurethane, breathable and hypoallergenic, also with fire-retardant properties
  • Medical X-Static, in memory form anti-pressure, which provides a healthy support to the whole body offering comfort to those who use it
  • the Hotel Security Plus fireproof mattress, which is designed to support the spine and reduce pressure, promoting circulation, is completely removable and in hypoallergenic fiber

More information

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