Sale of custom mattresses

Are you looking for the perfect mattress that makes you dream in all serenity? Mollyflex sells custom mattresses, perfect to meet your needs.

Mollyflex is a company that for over thirty years deals with manufacturing and selling custom mattresses and many other items for rest, such as pillowsduvets and bed nets, exclusively made in Italy, suitable for the rest of adults and children. All mattresses are made of quality materials and sold through an efficient sales network, through the best dealers in Italy and abroad.

To help customers and be able to fully satisfy their needs, Mollyflex offers the possibility to create custom mattresses, customized according to specific needs. The need to have a custom mattress can arise from the choice of a particular bed frame and network, with non-standard measures, or from particular physical needs, such as allergies or physical problems. Mollyflex to meet these requests has created a dedicated department, able to evaluate the requests and make custom mattresses.

The points of sale in which it is possible to find Mollyflex custom-made mattresses are numerous, through a network of franchises spread in different countries. In addition, on the Mollyflex website you can buy mattresses thanks to the shop online and receive your own mattress directly at home.

For more information and assistance in buying a Mollyflex tailor-made mattress, you can fill out the form in the contact section with all your requests.