Supplier of Made in Italy mattresses

Are you looking for superior quality sleep solutions? Contact Mollyflex, a Made in Italy mattress supplier with almost 40 years of experience in creating safe and guaranteed products for optimal rest. Since 1980, the company has developed and produced a wide range of mattresses designed to meet the different needs of its customers. It uses the latest technologies in the field of quality sleep, along with innovative and tested materials. It has been able to become a brand known worldwide thanks to these characteristics.

Italian quality mattresses and accessories

Mollyflex sleep products are 100% Made in Italy. Mattresses, pillows and many other accessories are developed by our team and manufactured within our production department. Each phase of the study and production process is monitored in our production plant; this allows the complete control of the processes and a guarantee of superior quality that is 100% Italian. Together with a great knowledge of materials and the latest sleep technologies, the experience of the Mollyflex team is fundamental to develop tested and guaranteed mattresses that can be customized according to customer needs. Thanks to the high quality, Mollyflex mattresses guarantee a truly restful sleep and maintain their properties for years to come.

Quality mattresses and accessories are essential for a good night’s sleep; restful and peaceful sleep has beneficial effects on our daily well-being as well as our health. It is essential to choose the most suitable sleep-related products for your needs, and to ensure that they are of quality.

Where can I find Mollyflex products?

Mollyflex mattresses are sold at various authorized retailers in Italy and all over the world. The company counts on a well-organized and loyal network with many points of sale. In addition to finding Mollyflex mattresses in stores, you can also buy them directly from the online shop. If you live in Italy, you can receive your mattress directly at home with just a few clicks, without having to think about transport. You can use different payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Bank transfer

Do you live abroad? No problem. Contact us to request a free quote on the price of the mattress and delivery.

Would you like additional information?

If you need more information on the supply of Made in Italy mattresses, don’t hesitate to contact us. Send us your questions through the form in the contact section. An experienced member of our staff will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.