Vacuum rolled up mattresses

With this innovative technology, the transport of Mollyflex’s mattresses will be easy and simply.

Vacuum rolled up mattresses

With the new vacuum rolled up mattresses by Mollyflex will be possible to drastically reduce the overall dimensions of the mattress up to 90%. This italian mattress manufactured in different sizes, both single bed that double bed. The product is compressed and rolled, and insert in a layer of pvc that ensures maximum tightness of the mattress. In this way it have two advantage: the retailers can be optimize the space stock taking advantage of the reduced dimensions of the mattresses; the final consumer can autonomously carry the mattress without too much difficulty because the size of the vacuum rolled-up mattress allow an easy transport even within medium-sized passenger cars.

The vacuum rolled-up mattress by Mollyflex also provides another important property: the hygiene. The vacuum mattress made in Italy is packed and sterilized: the special closure prevents deposition on the mattress of dust, bacteria and dirt. In this way, the hygiene of the vacuum rolled up mattresses will be guaranteed 100%.

There are many models of mattresses of the Mollyflex’s factory, as the rolled up or vacuum property. This property no possible for all mattress model due to the internal structure of the layer of the mattress, but in the majority it’s possible. However, within each product the mattress is marked by an icon that indicates the possibility of rolling the mattress.

All mattresses are packed in the vacuum bag are easy to use: once you remove the bag container, the mattress will start to “swell”, pocketing air in the fibers. The vacuum rolled up mattresses, placed in the horizontal posture, will become perfect in less than 24 hours, after it will be ready for the use. Anyway, the mattress is marked by an icon, within each product sheet. The icon indicates if it possible rolling up the mattress.